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Ceiling Rose R07
This simple 10 inch diameter ceiling rose will compliment our R08, R09, and R40 designs, and will be..
Ceiling Rose R09
The 19 inch diameter R.09 may be used to compliment our R07, R08, and R40 designs, and particularly ..
Ceiling Rose R12
Compact ceiling rose / ceiling medallion. An 8" floral style, ceiling rose. Suitable for character h..
Ceiling Rose R14
At around 13 inches across, this ceiling rose features an impressive traditional floral design. It's..
Ceiling Rose R22
The Ceiling Rose is an elaborate decorated diamond shape with extravagant leaf and flower motifs. Th..
Ceiling Rose R23
The R23 is an ostentatious 28 inch ceiling rose suited to larger rooms and hotel foyers. The simple ..
Ceiling Rose R31
A 15 inch Ceiling Rose featuring ornate detailing, with a 4 point leaf relief to the circumference a..
Ceiling Rose R38
Our R38 is a 28 inch Ceiling Rose, with a plain centre and decorative convex surround. An effective ..
Ceiling Rose R52
A 28 inch ceiling rose, with a highly sculpted swirl effect and egg & dart detail. This medallio..
Ceiling Rose R73
This ceiling rose is approximately 30 inches in diameter and features an impressive floral design. I..
G77 Lily Ornaments
An decorative ornament for the use on walls and ceilings. Use any number or with other decorative or..
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