Ceiling Rose R22
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The Ceiling Rose is an elaborate decorated diamond shape with extravagant leaf and flower motifs. The medallion is 30 inches long by 21 inches wide, and can create additional relief to a ceiling in a larger function room.

Our R22 Luxxus ceiling rose will appeal to anyone that would rather make a bold statement, rather than conform. Just why should a ceiling rose always be round The R.22 celing centre has a diamond shape and comes complete with incredibly intricate leafy border patterns. To make your installation quicker each of these ceiling centres has a coat of undercoat pre-applied. There is no need to worry about the weight on this larger ceiling rose, as the durable polyurethane construction is far lighter and easier to install than heavy plaster items. If the Ceiling Rose suits your style and you are re-decorating an entire room we can recommend our equally stylish C303 coving as suitable embellishment.

  • Length: 77.5cm
  • Width: 53cm
  • Length: 3,6cm

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