Ceiling Rose R40
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Our most popular large ceiling rose measures nearly 30 inches across, and features a relief of simple concentric rings. This design can add style to any large ceiling, without looking too fancy. The lightweight polyurethane construction make this an easy product to install when compared to heavy plaster alternatives.

This ceiling rose is a large design which will fit in with any decor. Home owners choose it especially if they live in older properties where the original features like ceiling centres have long since gone, leaving them with an high empty canvas. Tradesman choose the R.40 ceiling rose safe in the knowledge that their customers will not complain about any busy detailing. Also the R.40 ceiling rose can be used around the home in larger rooms in conjunction with the similar R09 ceiling centre in bedrooms. Customers looking to get creative with their interior may also wish to consider using our larger Luxxus C990 coving and matching P9901 panel mouldings, which suites the scale of the R40 ceiling medallion beautifully. All of these premium products are supplied with undercoat already applied, and being lightweight provide an easier task for the installer. Full fitting instructions and a colour brochure included. Make sure to select a tube of FDP500 adhesive if you want to get the neatest possible installation.

  • Length: 3.1cm
  • Diameter: 74.5cm

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