Ceiling Rose R66
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The R.66 is a ceiling rose for those with an eye for simplicity. It has a 21" outer radius formed from a 4.5" band. This design is particularly useful in bringing style without the need to interfere with any existing plastic ceiling rose already attached to the ceiling.

This ceiling rose will suit those who are trying to create a minimalist feel in their rooms. Strictly speaking we should call the R.66 a ceiling centre, as it is basically a circular shaped circular panel mould which projects 35mm down from a ceiling. If you like the style, but really don't want to tamper with any lighting wires this is an ideal choice. Simply remove your lamp shade and stick the round feature to the ceiling with our cartridge based DecoFix Pro adhesive. If you are renovating an entire room why not consider adding panel mouldings to mimic the R66 effect Both our PX120 panel moulding and P8020 panel moulding would compliment the simple R66 ceiling moulding. If you hate painting then be assured that each of these items has undercoat applied in the factory to save you time on the job.

  • Length: 2,4cm
  • Diameter: 54.5/43,0 cm
l***n 26/03/2023
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