Ceiling Rose R73
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This ceiling rose is approximately 30 inches in diameter and features an impressive floral design. Ideally suited to period properties.

This ceiling rose differentiates itself from standard ceiling centres by featuring 4 leaf-like emblems which radiate like the points of a compass every 90 degrees. The centre the 70 cm diameter R.73 features a sunflower design . If you are hanging a chandelier underneath this ceiling rose it is worth noting that the central part of the moulding can accommodate metallic feature cups of up to 8cm across. Moving out from this sunflower centre the ceiling rose dishes gently with 4 small floral motifs featured inside a scrolling leafy border. This attractive ceiling moulding has undercoat applied in the factory to save you time when installing. Always mechanically fix ceiling centres when mounting them above a light pendant, and use FDP500 adhesive to create a neat finish even on bumpy ceilings. Many a skilled tradesman has suffered the horror of dropping a large ceiling rose whilst attempting an installation, which can be a costly mistake. In our many years selling these items we have not had one breakage, as our polyurethane mouldings are tough enough to withstand impact with most floors. In the unlikely event that damage occurs it is likely to be superficial and easily disguised by paint or judicious use of adhesives. Whether you are looking to accomplish a full refurbishment, or starting a new build project why not add complimentary coving such as our C335 classic coving design

  • Length: 5.9cm
  • Diameter: 70cm

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